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Local Services

Our local services vary from business consultation to hospitalist and transportation
Our local Services will thrill you with efficiency and effectiveness

Global Services

From Charter service, to import and export of goods, we are here to make the world in the palm of your hands
Make the world your backyard

Furniture for you

We help you find your Home in Bosnia, and to furnish it with our Furniture Store
We deliver your furniture in 48 hours, best quality, best Service
We offer wood for all industries, ready to ship throwout the year
Enjoy your Europe family trip with many of our Vans options


Newly added services

Get the best of our services without wasting your time

Import & Export

Through our extensive experience world wide, we offer bosnian market with all needs from global market, and we help to introduce and export Bosnian products…

Mourah Furniture

Focus on all kinds of furniture (home, office, projects) and firewood. Mission to provide quality services related to inductries.

Mourah Real Estate

Services of import and export of various food products such as dates, spices, nuts, rice and sweets, and also water, honey and frozen food.

Sourcing your needs

  • Whether you need a hotel, a car, for Business, we provide all personal and professional help for you.
  • We can arrange touring, or factory visit, they are all in one place.

Our Vision

To be a one stop place to provide services to wide range of clients. We keen to be always recognized as trust worthy partner for you and your business


Our Mission

To explore all different business ideas and always keep an eye on the global and local market to stay up to date with market needs and opportunities


We Commit

Mourah commit to honesty, firmness, cooperation, knowledge, learning, and being an example to other companies when it comes to leading in these role models

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    Our office are located in the heart of Sarajevo, Otoka settlement, Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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