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We are Mourah

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MOURAH is an import & export company, seeking all what BiH economy can offer, from raw materials such as water, wood, food industry, etc.

We make sure to fulfill our clients requirements from BiH market, and from anywhere else in the world.

Founded – The company was founded on January 2018.
Location – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fields on which we give services

Mourah Technology

Development of the most modern retail growing electronics brands in MENA, and also telecomunication products and accessories.

Mourah Industries

Focus on all kinds of furniture (home, office, projects) and firewood. Mission to provide quality services related to inductries.

Mourah Food

Services of import and export of various food products such as dates, spices, nuts, rice and sweets, and also water, honey and frozen food.
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The countries we are present

Phone: (+387 33 657 584)
Address: Džemala Bijedića BB, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH

Industry, Technology, Food

With 12 years of experience in industry (furniture, export and import, technology and food) for all kind of goods from different regions in the world , we are a leading company in this field.


Our Vision

To be one of the local market leaders in field of industry by European standards , and to achieve confidence and credibility.


Our Mission

Our company is striving to enable our clients to obtain the best quality products in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Balkan.


Our Proccess

Mourah to start venture in this business field, and agreed to use the experience to create a profitable and secure business opportunities.

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