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Mourah Technology

The story of MAK IT WAS BORN TO LEAD It all started in the early 2016 when we realized the need in the market to a brand that positioned well. • There was high quality brands, but are very expensive, and there was cheap brands but with poor quality.• So…
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Mourah Industries

We give the best Services Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to the highest quality types of wood on a global scale, and as such is the best place for the design and manufacture of wooden furniture. Mourah Industry is a division of Mourah d.o.o. Sarajevo, which manufactures furniture in Bosnia…
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Mourah Food

Our Food Products MOURAH provides services of import and export of various food products, and also water. We offer our clients high quality products and global and local transport. We provide export of: food and drink (honey, frozen food, and water) and industry (furniture and fire wood). Honey Food Frozen…
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