Advanced Technological

  • Mourah d.o.o. Sarajevo is the founder and owner to the 2 gowing brands MAK & VIKENT.
  • We focus on the leading technologies, the latest designs, and the ability to provide any safety certiication for any country worldwide.
  • In addition to brands, we have the best technology products from face recognition monitoring systems for schools and workplaces, as well as auto accessories such as Car cameras, Vehicle tracking systems and internal accessories that facilitate and make Driving safer.
  • In addition to surveillance cameras systems for homes, shops and everywhere.
  • we also have all kind of UV disinfection lights.

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Subcategories for this Category

Face Recognition Technology

We understand the hussle of keeping your school, or work place safe and organized.

With the face recognition tecnology, you can control all pupils, employees, or even visitors, allocate them, and avoid any unwanted visitor to enter to your premises. 

No one is required to register every time they enter or leave, the system will automatically detect their location and register all to the system.

It's safe, secure, and you have your privecy controlled by you only as the server will also be installed at your premises. 

UV-C Sterilization Lights

  • Sterilization Intelligent UV-C Lights
  • Disinfection Object: Bacteria, Virus, Mite and Mould.
  • Application: Bedroom, Toilet, Hospital, School, Office, and everywhere.

IR Thermometer

  • One-click to give a precise measures of your temprature.
  • freedom to switch between C / F.
  • warning in case of a high temprature.