About Mourah

Mourah d.o.o. Sarajevo was established in 2018. and is keen since then to provide the best services in all business fields in BiH. We offer the full package for you to start your business in the most potentially growing country in the region. Contact us to get the Visa requirements, tourism tours, business consultancy, opening companies through our first class lawyers who is specialized and efficient, also finding the best location for your office, and many more services that facilitate your work, save your time and efforts to focus on what matters.

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Our story

Mourah is an import and export company, seeking all what BH economy can offer, from raw maerials such as water, wood, food industry, stones, etc.

Starting your bussines

If you’re about to start your business, Mourah will help you find the best solutions for all what matters in both BiH and China. No matter what your business is, or how you’re planing to start, Mourah is the best partner you can have. We will offer you one payment package to plan your costs effectivly, no extra work is required as long as you provide us with all the requirements that we will request from day one. 

Contact US

063-610-477 [email protected]

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